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Year 4 Intensive Swimming Lessons

Posted on: 7th Dec 2021

All pupils in Year 3 and 4 took part in a 2 week intensive swimming course this term involving an hour swimming lesson every day for two weeks. The progress each child made was outstanding and the pupils' confidence in the water has greatly improved. The feedback we received from pupils and parents was really positive and I hope families venture out and have fun in the local pools together. 

Director of Sport Mr Southey


Every morning for two weeks, the bus took my class to the Feel Good Centre.  Everyone on the bus was so excited to go swimming.  It was the biggest swimming pool I had ever seen.  I could not wait to get in.  When I got in the water was freezing cold, but I did not care because I was so happy to be swimming again.  My favourite thing to do was a game where you had to dive down and get fish from the bottom of the pool.  My swimming experience was excellent and I hope I get a chance to do it again.

Milly Year 4


I had a blast at the Feel Good Leisure Centre, for swimming.  Not only did I have fun, I learned how to swim better.  Going swimming at the Feel Good Leisure Centre also made me closer to my classmates.  A big part of this experience was my teachers’, they told us where to sit on the coach and which changing room to go into and on top of that, they watched us swim patiently.  The bus drivers’ did a great job too.

Esha Year 4


I was nervous about swimming because I have not swam in two years, but I felt excited at the same time.  The part I enjoyed the most was doing the rocket arms.  I looked forward to my swimming lessons, but dreaded stepping out into the cold weather after.  I have joined swimming lessons because I am determined to get better at it for next year.

Ameer Year 4


Swimming this year was a blast!  Jumping into the pool again was amazing especially because it has been a while.  We had fascinating and intensive lessons, at the Feel Good Centre, Walthamstow, everyday for two weeks.  We had a highly professional swimming instructor.  He engaged us with lots of amusing water games and introduced us to the basics of swimming.

For the first day our teacher separated us into three groups, according to the level of our skills.  I was in group one, which was for beginners.  To start with we used noodles and floats to help us paddle and kick.  Once we mastered this technique we started to swim freely without any equipment.  Our coach taught us two ways to swim, rocket arms and over arms.  By the end of the second week, we aced the basics of swimming.

Caren Year 4

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