FAQ - Admissions 

Why should I choose WGPS?

WGPS, which was first established in 1932, provides a broad and balanced curriculum. Children thrive in the care of our experienced staff with ‘Nurture’ being at the heart of everything we offer. 

With regards to our excellent education and varied extra-curricular activities, children are challenged, inspired and motivated to succeed. We instil confidence and encourage kindness - and we work as a team with our amazing parent body to support each child’s educational journey. 

The secondary school destinations achieved by our children are remarkable - but these are not attained at the expense of the happy, fun and stimulating environment enjoyed by all our pupils.

We would like to welcome you and your child to ‘Team Red School’.


What position is my child on the waiting list?

School Policy prohibits divulging the exact position of any child on the list as this can change due to the registration of siblings, staff children etc.

Is my child likely to be offered a place?

Irrespective of where a child is on the waiting list, it is not necessarily an indicator of whether or not they will secure a place, as in the intervening years following registration, families will relocate, have a change in financial circumstances or will have registered for numerous schools. School can convey the likelihood of securing a place if a decision is required regarding another school offer.

Will my child be assessed?

The Foundation One (3+) intake is not subject to formal assessment, although every child will be required to have reached their age-related expectations. Early Years Practitioners will visit every child prior to their 3+ start, to determine whether they are able to access, and benefit from, our advanced curriculum.

Entry into all other year groups are subject to age appropriate assessment.


What do the assessments for other year groups consist of?

All assessments are age appropriate and form part of the National Curriculum.

Entry assessments usually consist of English, Comprehension, Maths and Reasoning. Every child’s ‘learning potential’ is taken into consideration, so even if your child has not scored highly in one of the areas, an overall view will be taken to establish whether any gaps in their learning can be improved upon.


Do siblings take priority?

Siblings do have priority status at 3+ as long as the other sibling/s is/are still on roll when the child is due to start school. However, they are still required to have reached their age-related expectations. Siblings will not be considered for a place at 3+ if a previous child was removed during their two-year Foundation Stage education (Foundation One and Foundation Two).  

Siblings waiting for places in subsequent year groups have a priority status but are still subject to an age appropriate assessment.


Do siblings get a discount?

Siblings do not get a discount. 

Are Assisted Places available?

Assisted places are not available for children in Foundation One to Year 2. 

Assisted places, which are means tested, can be applied for if a child is going into Year 3 or above. Details of how to apply for an assisted place are available on the website www.wgprep.co.uk/389/assisted-places and a detailed financial assessment will be carried out by an independent specialist company who produce confidential and anonymised reports for the Governors to consider.  This assessment will take into account the full household’s income and expenditure, assets and liabilities, as well as lifestyle choices regarding discretionary expenditure.   Awards can be made from 10% up to 100% of the fees and are reviewed on an annual basis for subsequent years.

Does my child qualify for the Government’s Free 15 - 30 hours Childcare at WGPS?

WGPS does not participate in the Government’s Free Childcare Scheme, as the funding provided by the Scheme falls far below the true cost of providing a high quality educational experience for the child. However, the School does accept employer Childcare Vouchers under the ‘Salary Sacrifice Scheme’. These can be used towards School fees until the term in which your child reaches the age of 5 and can be used for wrap-around care and holiday sports camps thereafter. Should your employer not offer this or if you are self-employed, you may be eligible to set up a Government Tax-Free Childcare account. Please check the details on 


When will I be notified that my child has been offered a place?

Places for Foundation One are offered in the September/October of the year before your child is due to start school.

Applicants for subsequent year groups will be notified as soon as possible following assessments.


School Fees

Our fees are published on our website. Any changes are communicated to current parents at least one term in advance. Fees are inclusive of lunches. Additional charges are payable for wraparound care, certain after-School clubs, trips and music lessons.  Fees and charges are payable before the start of each term, and a monthly direct debit scheme is available upon application to the Bursar.  Non-payment of fees and ancillary charges will result in temporary exclusion from the School, which will become permanent after a further period of two weeks.

Please click here to view our current fees.

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