Admissions Procedure 

Choosing the right school for your child is clearly a very important decision, with many factors to take into consideration. We offer you a range of information here on our website which we hope will help you in your decision making process. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pupils usually join WGPS at 3+ and 7+

However, occasionally spaces in other year groups become available, so it is always worth contacting us to find out if any spaces are available. You can also register your child's name online so that if a space does become available the Registrar can contact you to let you know. 

Here is our basic step by step guide to applying for a place at Woodford Green Preparatory School:

  • Sign up for an Open Event.
  • Complete the registration form online (a £75 registration fee is required). This may be submitted at any time once the estimated date of birth is known. (NB: completion of a registration form does not guarantee a place).
  • If your child is joining us in Year 3 they will be required to sit our 7+ assessment.  Please click here for details.
  • If a place is offered, you are asked to pay an acceptance deposit, or decline the offer by the deadline date.


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7 Plus Information 03rd Sep 2018 Download


@wgprep - June 30
Kahoot! Certified, yes please! https://t.co/uI2kA9CtL3
@wgprep - June 24
Welcome back Year 5! https://t.co/urfSTI5Yhv
@wgprep - June 22
Year 5 parents... https://t.co/2gsdjzDSfl
@wgprep - June 18
Huge huge huge thank you to for dedicating her time tonight to speak with the netball squad at WGPS! Sigi is an amazing role model to the girls and they all loved it. Many thanks goes out to Mrs Fox for organising !! 👍🏻🏅🏐🎟
@wgprep - June 10
Boys and girls could give this a go!!!! https://t.co/Qwo9xkv7sP
@wgprep - June 3
Half way through the week and whether you have returned to School or are working remotely, well done for getting the week off to a great start. Foundation 1&2 and Years 1&6 have embraced the new health and safety measures, it's lovely to see all the fun activities around School. https://t.co/3WHVVMOD6E
@wgprep - May 8
This is amazing! It's certainly a time to record and remember for their futures.
@wgprep Retweeted
Joanna peddy
- May 8
Loving the tasks this week when they should have been at PGL. Life in Lockdown as viewed by an 11 year old. Perhaps this is the modern version of a time capsule. https://t.co/MO1mOy3Wb5
@wgprep - April 16
Thanks. This is the one I found after clicking through various links. Just need to adjust glass bed and go back to the blue sheet as the clips are getting in the way of the first print I did. What are you printing on to? The Creator pro blue bed? Or glass?
@wgprep - April 15
hi! Can you send me the creator pro file you are using please? Email s.easton.co.uk Thanks!
@wgprep - April 15
Beginning our adventure to help the using our printer More snaps to follow! https://t.co/QYMUR9IlqH
@wgprep - April 15
We begin our printing today (sorry I've been isolating with symptoms!) Will be in contact to get the printed goods over to you next week. https://t.co/SAgrMgk4NS
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