Inspection Report  

We are passionate about giving our children a breadth of experience that would be hard to match. In a vibrant, supportive and caring situation, such as we provide at Woodford Green Prep School, the sky is literally the limit. The success of the school has been endorsed by the Independent Schools Inspectorate. The outline of their main findings are as follows:

"The quality of pupils’ achievement and learning is excellent and reflects the school’s aims.  Pupils of all ages and abilities, including those with SEND, EAL and the more able, learn and progress successfully.  Their learning is strongly supported by a broad and dynamic curriculum and extra-curricular programme.  The curriculum is complemented by a varied range of educational visits.  Provision in the EYFS is outstanding in meeting the needs of the range of children who attend and contributing to their well-being.  Good links with the local community foster pupils’ social awareness.  Excellent, well-planned teaching fully supports the school’s aims and is founded on clear understanding of pupils’ needs.  Marking and assessment are constructive.  Teaching demonstrates excellent subject knowledge and management of time and resources.  It fosters interest and independence, supports individual learning needs and offers challenge.

Pupils’ personal development is excellent.  They are confident, self-aware and have high self-esteem.  Pupils have a keen moral sense and accept responsibility willingly.  They have an excellent understanding of, and respect for, all faiths and a well-developed awareness of their own and other cultural traditions.  Outstanding pastoral care is underpinned by strong relationships and effective systems to monitor pupils’ personal development and to guard against harassment or bullying. Pupils are aware of the importance of healthy living.  Their opinions are sought and taken into account in the development of the school.  Staff understand fully how to keep children safe.  In accordance with the school’s aims to maintain a safe environment, the welfare of all pupils is a key priority for management, and meticulous attention is taken to safeguard them appropriately, ensuring that all requirements for safeguarding and welfare have been met.

Excellent governance brings valuable and relevant experience, enabling governors to achieve a well-informed and thorough oversight of the school, provide strong support and challenge and fulfil their responsibilities.  Excellent leadership and management, in line with the school’s aims, provide clear educational direction and effective self-evaluation and setting of priorities.  Management at all levels, including the EYFS, is characterised by excellent teamwork and success in securing, supporting and developing high quality staff, ensuring that all children’s needs are met.  In response to a recommendation at the previous inspection, the monitoring of teaching and learning, appraisal and professional development are effective in raising standards.  Links with parents, who are overwhelmingly pleased with the education provided, are good.  Parents have excellent opportunities to be involved in the work and progress of their children and the school.  They are provided with clear information about the school and the progress of their children". 

Copies of our recent inspection reports can be found here Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).
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